Exceptional, engaging architect design services are RARE. Look at the buildings around you.

Everybody thinks low cost architect services provide lowest project costs. Wrong, its exactly opposite, great services provide great savings in construction and in design. Experience is critical, and licenses are not just given out. Builders hire the least expensive engineers and draughtsmen possible. Why? Cost. You should hire the best. Understand what a Design Builder does: Lowest cost in building, highest profit, and he controls all aspects of finish, quality control and speed of completion. Savings go unsupervised, into his pocket. Who controls the Builders' bid?

With over 30 years of professional experience in this field, great knowledge in residential design, remodel & additions, we are excellent in matching our communications skills with your client requests, and with extensive client endorsements and recommendations -   we provide our clients peace of mind.

You get what you pay for, so being smart is in getting exceptional results. We enjoy the challenging architect commissions our clients provide! Providing comprehensive architect services-  which save on project expenses, improve our clients lifestyle and engage in providing very creative, luxurious solutions in home design. If this process is not enjoyable, don't do it!

There is so much mundane architecture out there right now, and many are bidding on this lacadaisical approach- please do NOT consider our services if you just want the basics ! Should you request the exceptional approach, yes, we are interested!

Here is what you should know before hiring our team

Please see our CLIENT-PREPARATION. Great design saves on cost, provides for greater functionality and use, and looks spectacular! Mistakes in the design and construction process are expensive. Never hire a contractor first.

What advice can you expect if you are looking to hire us

Feel free to familiarize yourself with this important document:
Who meets YOUR needs best? Exceptional communication is the first requirement. Architects provide project oversight control and essentially insure your project success

Other important documents

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Reviews and Testimonials

"Quentin is extremely creative. He delivered an imaginative, yet practical set of plans.”       Jason V.

"Quentin is by the far the best architect that we have ever encountered. We are currently trying to get a conditional use permit from the city of Irvine, and he has been with us every step of the way. Thanks Quentin for your hardwork!”       Tala T.

"Quentin is an amazing architect. His vision and spatial understanding is incredible. Actually, we worked with him twice. The first time was for a major remodel which took the house down to the studs. After 6 months of construction, the house burned down in a wild fire. We then worked with Quentin to re-build from the ground up. Our experience with him was excellent and I would highly recommend him.”       Robert C.

"Archwork provides brilliant architectural services and much-needed project management. When I bought my fixer home, I decided to again engage their services after having a successful experience with a prior home.
Although I was confident with my home purchase, I had little idea of the architectural solution. They consulted with me to gain an understanding of my goals before going to work -- budget, living needs, design/style preference and return on investment. It was truly a collaborative effortEven through some expected design disagreements, we were able to reach solutions that satisfied both of us. Thankfully, they were never willing to compromise design integrity.
As for the final product, I couldn't be happier. The design for maximizing the usable space and value of my home was spot on. I know it was a difficult challenge to retrofit new construction into the existing structure, but they succeeded in creating a seamless solution.”       
Steven G.

Education & Professional Experience

Harvard graduate, Master in Architecture, 1980

Batchelor of Design in Environmental Design Magna cum Laude, NCSU School of Design , 1977

General Sustainability in Architecture, Alfred Browning Parker, FAIA, 1972-1984

Green Design courses , Pierce College

CEC AND LEED conformance courses

AIA Los Angeles lectures